Favorite websites (Updated)

19 Oct

When people find out what I do to pay the bills, they often ask me about my favorite sites. Well there’s actually not a straightforward answer to that question. Are we talking about branding, microsites, music,eCommerce, social networking or media? Well, let’s start with this very limited list.


The site incorporates video not just for the sake of doing so but to actually sell merchandise-now there’s a concept.

Let’s forget about who runs the site. And let’s forget that the site is now the constant target of hawkers. Now, if we can forgot those two very MAJOR things…..then Gawker is a very good site.
Those that work in old and new media go to Gawker first to learn what’s actually happening insdie their companies. Plus, the community engagement is off the charts. From what I gather they use very little SEO/SEM, no initial branding . Very few if any other media sites have been able to accomplish the success that Gawker has despite having sophisticated SEM technology and campaigns. (EDIT: Rethinking the addition of this. But will keep up to keep my thoughts honest).


Now, I guess technically speaking, the Louis Vuitton site is more eCommerce than branding. But the site actually does a better job with the branding part. On every page there is iconic LV merchandise and the landing page usually features the current advertising campaign. There’s also an amazing personalization feature and the latest runway collection. The site showcases  that a significant amount of care and design went into every page, some thing that more agencies need to pay closer attention to.

Hipstamic Community

If you’re a fan of the hipstamic iphone app, then you must should become familiar with the community site. Lot’s of amazing photos from the hipstamic community, weekly prizes and tips to improve your photos. Hipstamic has taken everything wonderful about the app and made a functioning and more importantly active community. It also integrates eCommerce features, making it easy to order prints and photo add-ons.


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